Monday, April 20, 2009

Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee $0.50 Tomorrow!

Dunkin Donuts 16oz Iced Coffee is only $0.50 tomorrow! For more info, click here.

What a great two Iced Latte today, free ice cream tomorrow, $0.50 Iced Coffee tomorrow....wish I had a Ben and Jerry's near me and liked coffee!

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  1. I am sad we don't have a Ben & Jerry's really close plus all the one's close say that are not participating :(. I might take a bit of drive for ice cream.

    I was at the roller skating rink yesterday so stopped by Stone Cold for my yummy coffee. I've already been out today to be my first 50 cent coffee and took Adriana along so she could be one too. I have my mother's helper coming today and will probably stop again to get her one, she's 16 and Adrian only got decaf (that's all I drink too.) Talk to you later.


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