Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hot Coupon!- Link no longer working

*NOTE: No longer working.

Pace Salsa has a coupon for $4 off one jar of salsa through right now. And, to make the deal better, you can print 4! (I'd heard reports that you could print 10, but I was only able to print 4). Smartsource was giving my computer a hard time about printing the coupon, so I did have to download Firefox web browser in order to get it. (If you do need to download this, just re-open my blog in Firefox and click the link for the coupon.) You can try it on Internet Explorer and see if it works for you as I know it does work for others.

Get your coupons here before they run out! I know Shaws had these on sale for 2/$4 and I was able to get 2 with one coupon!

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  1. I missed it :(!! I guess I better start checking your site daily!!! I see you have up the coupons. Awesome!!!


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